Our Products

MasterTurf products are available for individual sale. Please call or fill out our contact form to inquire.

MasterSeal Conditioner

Our conditioner is an organic topsoil compound that will:

  • Absorb more water to reduce game rain outs:
    • The average field can absorb 2”-3” of rainwater when using Masterseal Conditioner
  • Firm up loose playing surfaces allowing truer hops for balls coming off of infield grass

MasterSeal Infield Mix

MasterSeal Infield Mix is a specially–blended formula designed to deliver the highest quality baseball and softball surfaces. Pre-mixed with conditioner, MasterSeal Infield Mix will last up to twice as long as traditional clay-based field products. Additionally, MasterSeal Infield Mix will:

  • Reduce maintenance costs:
    • Eliminates the need for top conditioners or drying agents
    • Once renovated, ball fields won’t need additional material for 2-3 years, with the potential of up to 5 years if taken care of correctly
  • Enable you to control surface water absorption
  • Allow you to manipulate playing surface (hard or soft) as desired
  • Prevent costly wind and rain erosion:
    • Fields will withstand high winds including 60+mph wind gusts, and won’t wash away during heavy rains