The MasterTurf Advantage

Who We Are

MasterTurf is a locally owned company located in Hurst, Texas - the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With 26 years of experience, MasterTurf has been proudly serving universities, colleges, high schools, youth organizations, and municipalities throughout the entire state of Texas.

The MasterTurf Advantage

Why are park managers, coaches, and athletic directors throughout Texas increasingly choosing the MasterTurf solution? Easy: MasterTurf can provide advantages to your ballpark that no other company can. The problems with clay surfaces are well-known: surface erosion within two years, playing fields becoming soggy and unusable after even light rain, and the constant need for conditioner applications increases maintenance, time and expense.

What is the MasterTurf advantage?

The MasterTurf Advantage is a tried and true process of providing a superior product and an A+ client experience. Our Advantage gives maintenance crews less field work responsibilities. It provides athletic departments with more money to spend in other areas. And, it gives teams and coaches a premier playing surface.